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Kaylee Ryder

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When inked-up hottie Kaylee Ryder isn’t wrapping her DD knockers around a nice juicy cock or riding a stud cowgirl-style, the tall, stunning blonde from Memphis, Tennessee, enjoys indulging in her love of gaming as well as dancing the night away with friends. Describing herself as a "big slut with a bigger heart," Kaylee’s beautiful smile and big natural titties are sure to entice you, while her charismatic charm will leave a lasting impression, and you’ll soon be wanting to see more of this southern belle. One of Kaylee’s fantasies is to fuck someone in public, saying that she gets a thrill from the fear of being caught, and she tends to prefer partners who are both confident and attractive. In her spare time, the gorgeous cumslut prioritizes spending time with her pets and friends and also likes to show off her creative skills by painting. Check out Kaylee’s incredible fucking skills by clicking on her scenes below!

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